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Soweto Bicycle Historical Extravaganza Tour

Get to learn more about the Bantu Education and its brutality caused by Hector Peterson.Go to Kliptown where you will learn about squatter camps and the freedom charter drawn in 1955. Depart from your hotel to go and experience an adventurous Soweto Bicycle Tour.Cycle through historical landmarks of the 1976 student uprising and visit memorial site of Hector Peterson.You will also cycle down Vilakazi street where Nelson Mandela used to live ,and where of course Desmond Tutu has his home.The cycling continue taking you to more of South African historical landmarks ,all the way to the Regina Mundi church to witness the bullet holes on the walls.Go on and cycle at the Freedom Park where the Freedom Charter of South Africa was drawn.And then go to Orlando Towers for lunch while riding on your bicycles, before Bungee Jumping which is optional.That will be the end of your bicycle tour at Soweto,now you return back to your hotel.

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